PUBLISHED: Violet’s Velvet Adventures, 4th and Last Novella in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles

… And after Number 3 is Number …. Oh, I’m just itching to write 7 here. ¬†Wait, I just did ūüėČ But, no that’s the wrong answer. ¬†The correct answer is 4. ¬†You’re welcome. I am quite pleased to announce … Continue reading

PUBLISHED: Lara’s Lace Adventures, 3rd Novella in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles

I am very excited to share this with you. The 3rd Novella in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles has been published. ¬†It’s called¬†Lara’s Lace Adventures. ¬†

New Fiction E-Book: Stay in Berlin (Short Story) – Free on Smashwords

I had written this story weeks ago, but just published it on Monday. ¬†So, who better to tell than you guys? ūüėÄ Stay in Berlin¬†is ¬†a short story set almost entirely in (yup, you guessed right) Berlin, Germany. ¬†Here is … Continue reading

The Piano Book (Short Story): Part 3 – Final

‚ÄúYou can play it on the piano then.‚Ä̬† He did not say this like he was urging me.¬† It was more like a command that he expected me to obey. Motioning for me to follow him, he led the way … Continue reading

The Piano Book (Short Story): Part 2

Mama had not yet returned from work, and I had already been to Mama Peju‚Äôs shop.¬† She did not have the house keys.¬† That meant that I would have to wait outside the door until Mama came back.¬† Today, that … Continue reading

The Piano Book (A Short Story): Part 1

The Piano Book is my first published short story. I first published this story in 2012 on Smashwords. I received encouraging feedback and recently realized that I had never shared it here, on my blog. I believe you guys should … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Fridays: Missing Yellow Glasses

“Where are they?” Mama Rita grumbled, casting a suspicious glance at her husband. ¬†For all she knew, he could be sitting on them. ¬†He sat in an easy chair, reading a newspaper, ignoring her completely. ¬†He did not look up … Continue reading

The Last Komole (Short Story): Final Part

Komole¬†is a Yoruba term, which literally means “bend down low.” ¬†It is the name given to a dance move that is popular in Nigeria where a person (usually a woman) progressively drops, while dancing until she is crouching low in … Continue reading

NEW – Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures: A Novella (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Part 1)


¬†So, on Saturday, I finally uploaded to Smashwords, the first novella in The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, a series of novellas which¬†I had introduced here.¬† What a mouthful.¬† Here’s the blurb, as it reads now:

The Last Komole (Short Story): Part 1

The-Last-Komole-Short Story-Sharon-Abimbola-Salu

Komole is a Yoruba term, which literally means “bend down low.” ¬†It is the name given to a dance move that is popular in Nigeria where a person (usually a woman) progressively drops, while dancing until she is crouching low in a graceful manner, without actually hitting the ground. ¬†And now for the story. Continue reading

Coming Soon: The Aso Ebi Chronicles (A Series of Novellas)





Aso-Ebi Chronicles - General Poster


Continue reading

Three Mangoes: A Short Story by Sharon Abimbola Salu #FreeEbook

Three Mangoes - Short Story - Sharon Abimbola Salu

Have you ever wondered what happens after someone buys a food item, just before they consume it? I do. ¬†In fact, I thought about this, and some of my thoughts formed the basis for this e-book. I know you’re probably … Continue reading

The Mystery of Madam Koin-Koin – Final Part

Her Shoes

The following Monday before classes began, just about everyone in Temi’s class had heard about her Friday night ordeal. ¬†As she had expected, the girls did not believe Temi when she recounted her experience with Madam. ¬†One of her classmates had even resorted to calling her “Temi Koin-Koin,” which only served to aggravate her further. ¬†Mrs. Onita, the English teacher did not appreciate the new nickname either. ¬†She heard it as soon as she entered the class. ¬†She made the liberal nick-namer, Tina, who also doubled as the chief noise-maker, kneel down in front of the whole class, as punishment. ¬†Mrs. Onita clearly did not have any sense of humor. Continue reading