New Fiction E-Book: Stay in Berlin (Short Story) – Free on Smashwords

Stay in Berlin - Book Cover - 2

I had written this story weeks ago, but just published it on Monday.  So, who better to tell than you guys? 😀

Stay in Berlin is  a short story set almost entirely in (yup, you guessed right) Berlin, Germany.  Here is the synopsis:

Remi Bajulaiye is engaged to Kayode Coker. She abandons a successful career in Lagos to start a new life with her fiance who lives in Berlin. But the man she meets is remarkably different from the man she thinks she knows. Will she decide to stay or leave without him? 

As always, I published it on Smashwords first.  Of course, I will still upload it in ‘episodes’ on this blog.  But just in case you cannot wait, you can download it for FREE on Smashwords or read it online.  The download links are below:

Read Online | Download E-Book | PDF

Read it and let me know what you think.  Do you agree with Remi’s final decision?


7 thoughts on “New Fiction E-Book: Stay in Berlin (Short Story) – Free on Smashwords

  1. I’ve just stumbled on these new series…i was not getting blog alerts???

    But that is sorted. Now let me read and respond. Thank you

  2. Salu,
    I enjoyed the piece, especially the climax to the Kayode/Remi situation; the story reminded me of certain daunting realities i’ve witnessed, i was beginning to feel the betrayal mount especially considering the many Olisa’s springing from several nooks and crannies.
    Abi, i salute you.

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