1, 2, 3 Disappear: My First Published Story in 2014

123 Disappear Swirl Book Cover (Official) - 2

Yes, it’s true.  1, 2, 3 Disappear is the name of my first published short story this year. Never mind that I actually wrote it last year.  What matters is that it is now available on … you guessed it … Smashwords.  The synopsis, which I don’t believe does it justice, reads as follows:

On a routine trip to the market, a houseboy meets some visitors from out-of-town who change the course of his life.

So, what else is left? Oh yes, download, read, enjoy and share.  Or Read, Share, Repeat.  Whatever floats your boat (see what I did there? :D)

Available Formats include: ePub (for your e-readers), PDF, etc.  Or you can just read it online.

If you read it, could you kindly leave a comment here or review on Smashwords?  Thanks in advance.  Peace out!

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