Faulkner’s Remedy for Writer’s Block Was ‘Don Quixote’

I heard this at a seminar I attended recently, and thought to share.  William Faulkner, the American writer from Mississippi, who was also a Nobel laureate, struggled with writer’s block. But that’s not the cool part.

When Music Inspires You to Write


I love Nigerian music, and in recent years, it has undergone such a transformation that it has almost eliminated the need to listen to other kinds of music.  Almost.  Although my focus for the most part is Gospel / Christian music, I have learnt to appreciate other kinds of music as well.  Thanks to my sister, I have fallen in love with period dramas, and their soundtracks.  Currently topping my list are the main soundtracks of Downton Abbey and North and South.  I highly recommend both.  Beautiful music. Continue reading