Side by Side: Tractors Deep in Conversation

Side by Side: Tractors Deep in Conversation

This is a common sight in Mississippi, especially as you drive into the Delta.  Lots of open fields, and lying on those open fields are (pick one): A. People on tanning beds, who mistook a field in Mississippi for a … Continue reading

The Largest Spoon and Fork I have ever seen!

I saw these massive pieces of cutlery (or as they say here, “silverware”) at the Blue and White Restaurant in Tunica.  Of course they’re too big to actually eat with, unless you’re Goliath … or just very greedy. *belches* But, … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I would never describe myself as a sports fan, but I know a school’s mascot when I see it.  Well, I saw these two side by side at a farmer’s market: University of Memphis Tigers and Mississippi State University Bulldogs. … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I know this is coming rather late, but I guess it’s better late than never. My entry for the Window Photo Challenge was taken looking through a window to the front entrance of the Ford Center at Ole Miss.  I did … Continue reading

Faulkner’s Remedy for Writer’s Block Was ‘Don Quixote’

I heard this at a seminar I attended recently, and thought to share.  William Faulkner, the American writer from Mississippi, who was also a Nobel laureate, struggled with writer’s block. But that’s not the cool part.