Wura’s Woodin Adventures: A Novella (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Part 2) Published on Smashwords

  I started this series of novellas, titled The Aso-Ebi Chronicles last year.  First, was Bewaji and her aso-ebi was Ankara. The 2nd novella, which I just published, is titled Wura’s Woodin Adventures.  From the title, I am sure you can guess … Continue reading

10 Beautiful Aso-Ebi Styles to Rock to Weddings Before the Year Ends

If you take one look at the calendar, you’ll notice that it says ‘November.’  After November comes, what? December! That’s right.  That gives you less than two months to rock those outfits you’ve been saving before 2013 ends. Anyone who … Continue reading

Haberdashery, Etc: Thank You, “The Paradise,” for the Vocabulary Lessons

I recently started following the latest Masterpiece Classic series on PBS.  It is called “The Paradise” and it is based on Emile Zola’s novel, Au Bonheur des Dames (The Ladies’ Paradise).  They’re showing Season 1 right now, but our friends … Continue reading

Is Aso-Ebi more than the Family Cloth?


Aso-Ebi is a Yoruba term, which literally translates to family cloth, as Aso means “cloth” and Ebi means “family.”  For my non-Nigerian readers, it is pronounced ‘Ah-Shaw-Eh-Bee.’  There! That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Continue reading