What if Nigerians did not Crash Weddings?


I suppose you read the title.  Wishful thinking, ba?

From time immemorial, Nigerians have always crashed weddings.  Okay, I know “crashing” sounds like a bad word, but if you were not invited to the wedding, i.e. you did not get an invitation card, or some sort of invite, then you’re a wedding crasher.  Simple.

Yoruba people call it “Mo gbo, Mo ya,” which literally means “I heard, and I branched / stopped by,” and it applies not just to weddings, but to any kind of celebration: birthdays, house-warming, etc.  Once they hear about it, they shall be there.  

Tunde and Wunmi Obe’s music video, aptly titled, “Mo Gbo Mo Ya,” illustrates this wedding crasher palaver very well.

But this wedding crashing matter is not an exclusively Nigerian thing.  It’s a part of other cultures too.

There’s a 2005 Comedy featuring Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson titled “Wedding Crashers.”

Same thing.  If you were not invited, you’re a wedding crasher.

Now, can you imagine a world where Nigerians did not crash weddings? (I had to repeat the title.  Blame it on Nollywood).

Play along with me for a few minutes.  If Nigerians did not Crash Weddings, here’s what would happen (you can add your own too):

1. You’ll Save Money and Stick to Your Budget

People could actually plan their wedding for guests only, and not bear the additional burden of catering for wedding crashers, who of course, expect to eat at the wedding.  No, they didn’t come to just gawk at the bride and groom.  They want to eat rice and cake too.  Feeding them costs money.  Eliminating them from the equation means lower overall wedding cost, and you can use the money you save for other things, e.g. children’s school fees.

2. Your Guests will Beef you

Now, this one is tricky.  If Nigerians did not crash weddings at all, the invited guests would still have something to complain about and beef you e.g. they didn’t like the food, the DJ must’ve been on crack because the songs he played were just whack, etc.  In short, you can’t please everyone.  Moral of the story? Do you.

But …..

If the wedding crashers showed up and were refused entry to the reception (because no one really cares about crashing the church wedding), the couple (and their family) would have a long list of haters.

Yup! Those who were not invited and/or were refused entry by the bouncers at the door will beef you for life! But guess what, like I already said, even those who were invited and show up might still beef you for completely different reasons.

Either way, do you.

3. Less People = Less Stress

Not really.  Your list of invited guests might already include one or two relatives or friends whose middle name is “Stress,” but shebi we’re imagining this.  Play along jare …

So, let’s imagine that you have less people at this wedding, and they’re only the people you want to be at the wedding.  I think the couple and guests would be more relaxed, and less stressed out.

I’ll stop here simply because I can’t think of anything else to add to the list.

But maybe you can.  What do you think would happen if Nigerians did not crash weddings, birthdays, etc? 

P. S. Don’t you just love the wedding IV? I think it’s cute … and different.

*Picture Credit: Bibi Invitations on Pinterest

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