Newly Published: Toasting Her

Toasting Her - Official Cover Happy New Year to you again! Why are you looking surprised? Remember I threatened to keep wishing people “Happy New Year” till Christmas.  I’m just keeping my word.  *whistling and walking briskly away*

So, guess what happened today? No, I didn’t kick over the trashcan in anger because it’s still cold outside and the trees are naked (as if I expected them to clad in suit and tie at this time of the year).

Nope.  I might try that on Sunday. *grins*

But today, I published my very first story in 2015! Woot woot! This story was actually written last year and … Oh, where are my manners? In your village

I forgot to tell you the title.  It’s called TOASTING HER and it’s a romantic short story.  At least, I think so.

It’s available for your reading pleasure on Smashwords.

Here’s the summary:

David Njoku, a shy and studious 20-year old, believes he has found the girl of his dreams. The only problem is that he has never actually spoken to her. To complicate matters, David learns that she might be embroiled in a nasty scandal on campus. Will he overcome his shyness and pursue the girl he has fallen in love with?

Download on Smashwords

ePub | PDF | mobi (for Kindle)

Let me know what you think after reading it o! Enjoy and have a blessed weekend!

2 thoughts on “Newly Published: Toasting Her

  1. Hello Sharon,

    I am so glad I found your blog, you write beautifully. The characters in your stories are funny and so interesting, your stories are very engaging.

    Well done!

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