What You Risk When You Write


Forget what you heard: Writing is hard work! I have learnt and am still learning that, but it does have its rewards … none of which I want to discuss right now. 😉

But I thought of three different things a writer (i.e. ME) risks when she writes:

# 1 : You Risk Being Misunderstood


Writing is an art, and when you’re done writing, the product is a work of art.  Sometimes.

Here’s a quick example to explain this point: give two different people an apple (they’re not supposed to eat it).  Then ask them to write a poem or story or just general thoughts on the apple.  You will come up with two different answers.

That’s what writing is like.  Some people will read it and understand the message the author wants to pass across.  Others will read the same story and misunderstand the author’s purpose.  Same story.  Different results.


# 2 : You Risk Displaying how Much (or how Little) you know


I think this is self-explanatory: depending on how much information you need to put into a story, over the course of reading it, the depth of (or lack of) the author’s knowledge will become clear.  There’s no escaping this …


# 3 : You Risk Letting People into your Head


I consider myself to be a very private person.  I would rather keep my thoughts to myself.  But writing involves sharing some of those private thoughts with people (complete strangers).  It’s a risk I have to take simply because the alternative is … in fact there is no alternative.  Okay, the alternative is “not writing.”  Can you imagine? Not an option at all.

In spite of all these risks, why do I write? For many reasons, but here’s an important one: Because I have a story to tell.  At the end of the day, that is what really matters.


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9 thoughts on “What You Risk When You Write

  1. I love this! I feel those risks. It’s scary.
    I love your answer to why you write. I’m working on a book at the moment collecting the words of real people who write. It’s to inspire writers and non-writers.
    Was wondering if I could include your words?

  2. One could write sub paragraphs on the risks you have outlined! Is it worth it? I think so. I also think that we should work on getting better all the time. Thanks Sharon, I enjoyed this post.

    • LivelyTwist: I had to restrain myself from going into too many details so I feel you on the sub paragraphs.

      Yes, we should work on getting better too. Progress shows over time.

  3. Truly much of a risk. But write, we must. I have shared some things online that kinda scare me when I think about it. But then, that feeling to share with words dancing on paper or screen is too much to ignore.

    I enjoyed, this.

    • Samuel: Yes, we must write regardless of the risk. I still go through that scared phase before sharing stories online, but I know I have to do it.

      ” … words dancing on paper …” The poet in you can’t be hidden. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

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