What You Risk When You Write


Forget what you heard: Writing is hard work! I have learnt and am still learning that, but it does have its rewards … none of which I want to discuss right now. ūüėČ

But I thought of three different things a writer (i.e. ME) risks when she writes:

# 1 : You Risk Being Misunderstood


Writing is an art, and when you’re done writing, the product is a work of art. ¬†Sometimes.

Here’s a quick example to explain this point: give two different people an apple (they’re not supposed to eat it). ¬†Then ask them to write a poem or story or just general thoughts on the apple. ¬†You will come up with two different answers.

That’s what writing is like. ¬†Some people will read it and understand the message the author wants to pass across. ¬†Others will read the same story and misunderstand the author’s purpose. ¬†Same story. ¬†Different results.


# 2 : You Risk Displaying how Much (or how Little) you know


I think this is self-explanatory: depending on how much information you need to put into a story, over the course of reading it, the depth of (or lack of) the author’s knowledge will become clear. ¬†There’s no escaping this …


# 3 : You Risk Letting People into your Head


I consider myself to be a very private person. ¬†I would rather keep my thoughts to myself. ¬†But writing involves sharing some of those private thoughts with people (complete strangers). ¬†It’s a risk I have to take simply because the alternative is … in fact there is no alternative. ¬†Okay, the alternative is “not writing.” ¬†Can you imagine? Not an option at all.

In spite of all these risks, why do I write? For many reasons, but here’s an important one: Because I¬†have a story to tell. ¬†At the end of the day, that is what really matters.


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9 thoughts on “What You Risk When You Write

  1. I love this! I feel those risks. It’s scary.
    I love your answer to why you write. I’m working on a book at the moment collecting the words of real people who write. It’s to inspire writers and non-writers.
    Was wondering if I could include your words?

  2. One could write sub paragraphs on the risks you have outlined! Is it worth it? I think so. I also think that we should work on getting better all the time. Thanks Sharon, I enjoyed this post.

    • LivelyTwist: I had to restrain myself from going into too many details so I feel you on the sub paragraphs.

      Yes, we should work on getting better too. Progress shows over time.

  3. Truly much of a risk. But write, we must. I have shared some things online that kinda scare me when I think about it. But then, that feeling to share with words dancing on paper or screen is too much to ignore.

    I enjoyed, this.

    • Samuel: Yes, we must write regardless of the risk. I still go through that scared phase before sharing stories online, but I know I have to do it.

      ” … words dancing on paper …” The poet in you can’t be hidden. ūüôā Glad you enjoyed it.

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