Funny Ad: “Who’s Your Founding Father?” Honda Presidents’ Day Sale Commercial Asks



It is rare for me to watch a TV ad and then go hunting for it on YouTube.  But that’s exactly what happened when I watched the Honda Presidents’ Day Sale commercial about a month ago.  I couldn’t get over Abraham Lincoln and George Washington (or at least actors pretending to be them) jamming to a fairly slow tune.

Serious facial expressions? Check!

Costumes? Check!

Slow music in the background to “set the mood”? Check!

Smooth vocals to match the music? Check!

Gosh, they nailed it! The actors, I mean.

I just wanna four-score a deal with you …

Who’s your Founding Father? 

If you haven’t seen the commercial, you can watch it here:


I see you AB


Talking ’bout the red, white and blue-ue-ue tooth

The icing on the cake is the sexy voice of the guy who calmly explains what the commercial is all about (in case you missed it):

” … the Presidents’ Day Sale sales event. Happening now at your local Honda dealer.”

I refuse to admit how many times I have actually watched this commercial.  Let’s just say plenty times.  My excuse? I can’t get over the two singing Presidents.  Too funny!

So, I’m asking you again: Who’s your Founding Father?


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