Let Junior and Pretty Teach you how to Write a Powerful Love Letter

I love you card

Junior and Pretty’s video for their song, Bolanle is one of those videos that has the ’90s written all over it.  The outfits, the muddied beats in the background, the off-key background vocals.  All these things add to the comedy that is this video.

If you have never seen the video, do yourself a favor and watch it here.

As you watch the video, you might pick up new words (and back-breaking dance moves) that you can add to your vocabulary, e.g. Suprization – 4:47

Dat one na jara.

Apart from extolling the virtues of Ketu Alapere, this song also teaches one powerful lesson:

How (not) to get pepper water dumped on you in the name of love.

Okay, seriously, the song teaches you the power of the written word.  Specifically, the power of a well-written love letter.  You don’t believe me? I don’t blame you.

*grabs bucket of pepper water and prepares to pour it on the unsuspecting reader*

You still don’t believe me?  Looks like I will have to prove my case.  *grumbles*

Now, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the video (Yes the same one I shared above)
  • Fastforward to 5:20
  • Pay close attention (In fact, get a pen and paper and take notes sef)

By the time the video ends, you will understand why the love letter Junior wrote was such a powerful one.  See the list of people who “dey in love with Junior” after reading the letter:

  • Chima (who was that?)
  • The housegirl
  • The sister
  • The cousin
  • Bolanle’s mother (oh yes!)

…. All from ONE single letter.  See talent!

Finally, observe the effect: all these women begin take flower pursue Junior.  

Need any more proof? I didn’t think so.

I rest my case.

Picture via Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Let Junior and Pretty Teach you how to Write a Powerful Love Letter

    • Temilade: You’re so welcome! I can’t believe you weren’t born back then. Makes me feel old 😦

      Thankfully, you can still enjoy it here. Yes, the video is funny and always will be.

  1. lol 🙂 Hmmm…Fine fine baby, Bolanle. I was in JSS1 when the song was popular. Every sunday afternoon, NTA will play the video heavily. Ma’m Sharon, you surely brought back funny memories here O. I just dey fear, if 5 women from one house dey follow me like this. Is that not a case of “Rather killing myself than commit suicide”.

    • Tito Tobi: Lol, abi! You were in JSS1? I believe I was in primary school when I first saw this video, and it was more than likely on NTA too (probably on NTA 2 Channel 5 or Channel 10). One woman is more than enough o! 5 is just asking for it … 🙂

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