My Dear Child, Chivalry is Dead



What would you do if your mother or father said this to you: My dear child, Chivalry is dead? Would you believe them?  I can answer for myself.  My answer is No.  I disagree.

I have met gentlemen.  Yes, even Nigerian gentlemen.  They exist.  They may be in short supply, but they certainly exist.

Inasmuch as the world has evolved, and human behavior along with it, the world can always benefit from more gentlemen.  Why? Because you cannot talk about chivalry without talking about gentlemen/gentlemanly conduct.  The two go hand-in-hand.

Ladies love a well-dressed man (at least I do).  But, the character of a man is even more valuable than his appearance.  Beyond just opening doors for women, and being generally polite, I think we can all agree that chivalry is still necessary in today’s world.  It is certainly not dead.

Fathers teach your sons to be Gentlemen. Dear Random man, teach yourself to be a Gentleman.  It is never too late to learn.  There is an acute shortage of men who practice chivalry.  Kindly help us increase the number by adding yourself to the list. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “My Dear Child, Chivalry is Dead

  1. Chivalry: the system of values (such as loyalty and honor) that knights in the Middle Ages were expected to follow; an honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women.

    Thank you for raising awareness & giving the call.

  2. Thanks for raising the awareness. Yes, in every 20 men you see, there will be about 2 to 3 of them that are a gentleman. Parent do need to teach their kids how to respect and be a gentleman :). Thanks for the post

    • Wonders Beyond: Lol at your stats. 🙂 I get your point sha. Gentlemen are few and far between, but there is hope. The men that are alive can groom themselves to be gentlemen and pass it on to the next generation.

      You’re welcome!

  3. *dons geek glasses*
    Theory: Jesus was the most Perfect Gentleman To Ever Walk The Earth.
    Proof: He loved and was approved of God, went about doing good, healed and delivered ALL oppressed of the enemy. Plus, following Ms. Livelytwist’s definition, He was ALWAYS honorable, EVER polite, and demonstrated high fidelity towards women, not to mention encouraging their growth and well-being (which wasn’t too common for men in His day – that’s COURAGE!) (see Acts 10:38, Luke 4:18-19)
    Conclusion: Guys, let Jesus live in you, and follow His ways. PERFECT gentlemanliness achieved! 😀

    • Deolu A: This will go down in history as one of the most important revelations ever! Jesus was a PERFECT gentleman! That is so true. Why didn’t I think of that? *scrunches up nose*

      That your conclusion was just icing on the cake and it’s worth repeating: Let Jesus live in you, and follow His ways. Perfect gentlemanliness achieved. I concur wholeheartedly. Thanks, Deolu. 😀

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