Wherefore Means Therefore


I can’t remember the first time I heard (or read) the word ‘Wherefore,’ but I certainly remember when I understood its meaning.

It was in a class I took years ago, and the teacher asked if anyone knew the meaning of ‘Wherefore.’  I didn’t.  Some other student eventually ‘rescued’ us.  He said: “Wherefore means Therefore.” And the teacher confirmed that it was true.

I have also confirmed that he was right, thanks to Merriam Webster.  Oh, Wherefore also means ‘Why.’  Context matters.

Where did you first hear (or see) the word ‘Wherefore?’  Romeo and Juliet?

Picture via Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Wherefore Means Therefore

  1. I am scratching my head at the moment, wondering where I must have heard it first. The bible? Shakespeare? Between the two me thinks.

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