When you get to ‘The End’ of an E-book


After ploughing through a book and reaching ‘the end,’  you can physically close it and put it down.  You can put it back in your personal library, return it to the local library, stand on it in the hopes that it will turn into a magic carpet, etc.  What you do with a book once you’re done reading it is left to you.

But the examples I gave above really apply to physical books.  What about e-books?  What do you do with them when you’re done?

Well, I can speak for myself.  Since I take my sweet time highlighting them and taking notes, I am unlikely to delete them.  So, they just sit there on my virtual book shelf gathering dust.  Of course, I’m reluctant to delete them because I don’t want to lose my notes and annotations.

Until I can figure out how to delete my e-books and still keep my annotations (if that is even possible), they’ll be sitting on my book shelf.

Picture via Pinterest

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