Lost in Lagos? Blame it on the Fine Girls

Fine Girl

Fine Girl

It happens all the time. Guy meets girl. Let’s assume she’s a fine girl. We don’t really care if the guy is fine because he is going to get lost in a few minutes. Just wait.

Our friend starts pestering fine girl for her number and/or address, and boy! Is he persistent! As a sharp Lagos girl, she knows better than to give out her real address. So, she gives him a fake one. He does not know it at the time. Here’s a possible list of fake addresses:

  • No. 10 Mawamiwale Street, Ikorodu, Lagos - 'Ma wa mi wale' literally means 'Don't come looking for me at home' in Yoruba
  • No. 52 MoneyMissRoad Close, Apapa, Lagos - The name speaks for itself
  • No. 92 Omotisonu Crescent, Ojodu, Lagos - 'Omo ti sonu' means 'Child is lost' in Yoruba

I just made these up, but I know you can think up a few yourself. Try it.  There! Not so difficult.

Now, our friend does not put two and two together to figure out that he’s been had. He jubilates, freshens up and makes plans to visit Fine girl at home.

The next day, Operation: Visit Fine Girl is in full gear. He charters a taxi or okada or borrows his friend’s father’s car, and goes looking for Fine girl at any of these addresses. Let’s assume he takes a car. Of course none of the addresses exists, and eventually our friend discovers, many frustrating hours later that he is lost somewhere in Lagos.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Lagos, Fine girl is chuckling to herself, giving the same address to another mugu.

The circle of life …

Picture via Pinterest

6 thoughts on “Lost in Lagos? Blame it on the Fine Girls

  1. Well, Fine girl may have it tough now oh, thanks to Google et al: all (Desperate) Seeking bobo has to do in today’s world is whip out his phone/tab and:
    “Where did she say stayed? *taps keypad, sees results* ‘No such address existent’. Yeah…thought so.”
    Oblivious as he is, if even with tech’s aid, he STILL can’t put two and two together, then he really deserves to get lost in Lagos. -__-

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