Aso-Ebi iPad Cases: Latest Fashion trend at ‘Owambe’ Parties?

Ankara iPad case / sleeve

Ankara iPad case / sleeve

I was listening to a podcast on Gidilounge some months back, and heard for the first time about aso-ebi ipad cases.  Did such things exist?  Yes indeed, and you can trust Naija people to be spear-heading this … I don’t even know … Revolution? Trend?  Whatever you want to call it.

The part that really got me was that according to the presenter, it is now the latest thing for women at owambes and other events to come fully dressed in their aso-ebi, and also carry matching aso-ebi ipad cases.

Aso-Oke iPad Case

Aso-Oke iPad Case

So, what am I to make of this?  Is the ipad the 4th member of the Nigerian household to be dressed in its own aso-ebi attire too?  And with all the different parties holding every weekend, will there be a different ipad case for each party? I think the answer is YES.

No wahala.  All is well and good, until someone decides to tie gele for their ipad.  Then, there’ll be cause for alarm.  Until then, keep calm and party on.

Picture Sources: Ankara case; Aso-Oke case

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