After Watching my First ‘Daniel Craig’ as ‘James Bond’ movie


Okay, Okay, I know Quantum of Solace premiered ages ago.  November 14, 2008 precisely.  But I did not watch it until last week.  And guess what? I actually enjoyed it.

My sister had been going on and on about how wonderful Daniel Craig was as the ‘new’ James Bond, but I did not believe her.  I just felt that in terms of eye candy, Sean Connery would always be my first pick.

After watching Quantum of Solace, I have since concluded that although Sean Connery as James Bond is still a classic (and still the better looking one of the two), Daniel Craig does a fantastic job.  His acting and moves are razor sharp.  Very precise.

I will be watching Skyfall next.  And you will hear about it, whether you like it or not. 🙂

Picture via Pinterest

2 thoughts on “After Watching my First ‘Daniel Craig’ as ‘James Bond’ movie

  1. Meh, I thought Quantum was one of the WORST Bond movies of all time. Daniel has potential but needs to get more charming and have believable love scenes. Casino Royal was his best. You will enjoy Skyfall much more than Q but overall I miss Connery, Moore very much.

    • Ram: Really? The WORST? I haven’t watched enough James Bond movies to come to that conclusion. But, I enjoyed Quantum of Solace. I have also now watched Skyfall. It was more emotional than Quantum.

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