That ‘silly look’ on your face while writing


Last year, while I was deeply engrossed in a piece I was writing, someone pointed out that I had this weird look on my face.  Okay, fine, it was not just weird; it was silly.  I never forgot it and it made me wonder: how many writers have that funny-silly look on their faces when they are writing?  Apart from me, of course.  I hope you’re raising your hand.  Don’t make me feel like I am the only one.

Of course when you are writing, you can’t see your own face.  Unless, you are sitting in front of a mirror and looking at your own reflection with one eye and keeping another eye on your paper / computer screen … which would be very strange.  The song that comes to mind is ‘Painting my portrait’ in the Jane Eyre musical, but at least she had to look in a mirror to paint her own portrait.  But you? What’s your excuse?  *shaking my head*

Imagine if you could sneak up on people writing different types of fiction (or non-fiction), say maybe in the park, or a bookstore, or library, and they were tackling crucial sections in their stories.  What sort of look would be on their faces?  Use your imagination.  Or the picture above.

Let’s give some examples, shall we?

  • A romance writer describing the scene where a career woman walks in on her husband ‘going at it’ with the maid
  • A mystery writer describing the scene where the murderer commits a crime in the library and then joins the party in the drawing room, where they are having cocktails and talking politics
  • A science fiction writer describing the scene where aliens take over the planet (God forbid.  It will never happen)

I can’t speak for them.  As for me, the look on my face is similar to the one I have when I have drank too much coffee.  Or sugar.  Like my Naija people would say, my eye go dey shine like torch light.  In simple English, it is that bright, glassy-eyed stare which may or may not be accompanied by an equally ridiculous grin.  Or so I have been told. 😀

What funny, silly, weird look do you think you have when you’re writing?  Do share.

Picture via Pinterest

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