If Your Brain was a Typewriter



We all know the brain is a computer, but imagine this: What if you literally needed no hands to type, but as the words came to mind, your brain could somehow transcribe them all to paper without you moving a finger? Quite literally.

I am not aware of such an invention but this particular thought appealed to me more than once while I was working on the 2nd novella in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles series. By the way it should be ready really soon and if I say so myself, it is better than the first one. Sorry Bewaji.

When you have writer’s block, you stare at a blank screen or sheet of paper and write nothing. But in moments of inspiration, the opposite is true.

In those moments, it feels like your brain is working a lot faster than your hands and you have to catch up somehow. That’s what prompted the brain being a typewriter title.

Now, if your brain was also a typewriter, that would be awesome! There would be no need to play catch up since the dreamer is also the doer. Problem solved.

Here’s hoping you’re always inspired. Cheers!


Picture via Pinterest


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