Why We Love Nollywood 2: The Characters are People We Know

I started this series earlier in the year, and decided it was time to pick it up again and finish it.  So here goes!

You read the title, so you already know what Number 2 is, but I will repeat it to drum it into your head emphasize it:

We love Nollywood because the characters are people we know

Did I really have to use the large text? While you’re still debating that in your mind, let me explain myself.

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson

Unlike Hollywood movies, Nollywood movies are filled with characters that the average Nigerian (and many other nationalities who watch these movies) can relate to.  If you overlook the fake American-British-Jamaican-Portuguese (okay, I exaggerated, but you get my point) accent, the characters for the most part sound like you and me.  Pure, unadulterated Nigerian accent.  But that’s not all.

The characters are down-to-earth and believable. Most times.

Mercy Johnson is the girl next door.  She is the girl who grew up in the same compound with you, went to the same primary school with you, fetched water from the same well and started chasing boys (or vice-versa) when puberty hit.

Mike Ezuronye is that brother / cousin / friend who graduated from the university with a 2:1 (Second Class Upper) and is still looking for a job years later.  When he finally lands a job, his female boss wants to have an affair with him.  The fact that she is married is inconsequential.

Rita Dominic is that sister who always falls for that good-for-nothing cheat who she calls her “boyfriend” (sometimes played by the original bad boy, Jim Iyke).  In some instances, to add more fire to the drama, this boyfriend is usually a cultist too.  Regardless, Rita is still hopelessly in love with him and he continues to use her.

Mama Gee, a.k.a Patience Ozokwor is that evil mother-in-law who hates you for no valid reason and resorts to diabolical means to eliminate you before marrying her son.  If that fails, she will “tie” your womb.  Only strong prayers prayed by pastors in ill-fitting suits can break the medicine man’s charm.  Mama Gee of course, either confesses at the end, runs mad, or dies.  Sometimes, all three things happen in that exact order.

Olu Jacobs is the Igwe who lives in that fantastic palace in the village.  His daughter (Genevieve Nnaji) refuses to marry that handsome prince (Ramsey Noah), even though he schooled abroad and speaks with that accent I mentioned above.  Instead, she wants to marry a commoner, a regular village boy.  Or worse still, one of the palace guards.  Abomination!

Let me stop here.  I believe I have made my point, i.e. these are people you know.

P.S. There is still Part 3.


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