The Lost Art of Writing Stories in Your Own Handwriting


Handwritten letter envelope

Have you ever wondered what your very first handwriting looked like? Maybe you have old exercise books from nursery school, etc, to help jog your memory.  Even if you don’t have those, chances are that like many people, your handwriting has evolved over the years.  I know mine has.

I know that modern technology has made writing a lot easier and more convenient than before.  However, if you keep an old-fashioned journal like I do, then maybe you’ll really appreciate what I am about to say: there is just something about writing stories in my own handwriting that I find very therapeutic.  It especially works for the much-dreaded ‘Writer’s block,’ and I discovered this when I started writing again.

I am not exactly sure whether there is something about grasping a pen with your own fingers, rather than typing away at a keyboard.  Whatever it is, I have personally observed that ideas flow better when I write by hand.  In fact, my first short story series, The Mystery of Madam Koin-Koin was originally penned down by hand, before transferring it to my computer.  In the process of doing that though, I realized why many people would rather type out their stories, poems, works of fiction or writings in general, on the computer, rather than writing by hand.  Writing in your own handwriting, especially if you plan to publish later, is a much longer route to achieving the same results.

I still enjoy seeing stories in my own handwriting, for some reason.  So, I usually pick that route if I have time.  On days when I am pressed for time, however, it is straight to the computer.

So, when was the last time you wrote a story, poem, etc in your own handwriting?  I would love to know.


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11 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Writing Stories in Your Own Handwriting

  1. I couldn’t agree more…writing is certainly therapeutic for me as well. My creative energy flows significantly better with a pen in hand. Though, I must confess that I last wrote a poem in my handwriting about two summers ago (sad, sad, sad). But, I still hand write birthday cards (that e-card thing does not quite work for me) and my daily devotions!
    I will be adding this to my long list of New Years resolution….Here’s to more handwriting in 2013! 🙂

    • Bolanle: I am glad someone agrees with me 😀

      Handwriting birthday cards? Hi-five jare! I still do it too. Lol at long list! It’s better to have good intentions than to start with no intentions. *clinking glasses* Yes, here’s to more handwriting in 2013! Happy New Year in advance too.

  2. I’m actually writing a story in a notebook right now. But I’ve never actually typed a story either…this is my first novel.

    • CookieShoez: First of all, congratulations on taking on the challenge of writing your own novel. It’s not a small feat, I tell you.

      At some point, I suppose, you’ll want to type it out, but I’m glad to see someone actually writing stories by hand. Cheers!

  3. This is so true. I used to write stories in Hugh school. Then I bought a laptop when I was 19 and my writing was never quite as endearing to me. I wanted to get back into writing and thought how absurd it would be to buy a laptop or Netbook to start writing. A notebook a d pen is more portable.

    • Emily: I’m glad someone else has had a similar experience. Like you, I prefer writing by hand to typing out original stories on a laptop. Oh yes, a pen and notepad is certainly more portable too. Thanks for visiting 😀

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  5. A geek like moi finds the idea of writing stories by hand…umm…strenous?
    Hmmm…but come to think of it, when I meditate or ponder on something, or when I’m developing the skeleton of a story, I do write with my own ChickenScratch font…Maybe one day I’ll write an ENTIRE story by hand, and see if there’s an experience awaiting me there…

    • Deolu: Ah! You need to try it sometime. If you like it, you’ll repeat it. If not, you’ll continue with what you like. But I certainly recommend it.

      Lol @ chicken scratch font. As long as you can read it sha … It is kinda strenuous when you compare it to typing your thoughts directly, but I find that it allows me to edit my work better. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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